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Dedicated Connections

    Winterfire.com sales and engineering professionals specialize in recognizing the technical requirements and business dynamics of each of our customers. We become a partner with you and evaluate your needs in order to determine the most cost-effective access solution.

    Winterfire.com offers a full range of high quality, scalable Dedicated Access products ranging from 56K to 100 MB connections, including:

    • T-1 and T-3 point-to-point
    • Burstable T-1 and T-3
    • Managed T-1 and T-3
    • Dual T-1 and T-3
    • Frame Relay 56KB to 1.54 MB
    • FNS at 10 MB
    • dsl

    Winterfire.com dedicated customers receive:

    • Immediate "turn-up" service within 24 hours of telco completion (a process that could take several weeks with other major carriers)
    • Proactive service monitoring
    • 24-hour Network Operation Center (NOC) and Customer Support
    • Advanced trouble ticket system
    • Network addresses, as required
    • Benefits of peering relationships with major ISPs nationally and internationally
    • Equipment swapping for equipment that is purchased and that is under warranty

    Winterfire.com also offers routers, modems, and other access devices. All hardware purchased through Winterfire.com is pre-configured and supported by experienced technical staff.

    Winterfire.com sales@winterfire.com 727-849-5958


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