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    Networking can be a frustrating experience for some admins. Winterfire.com can take those hassles away. You could be serving your files from your own dedicated server located on a super fast network backed up by redundant OC3 and OC12 backbones.

    Setting up on our network is safe and easy. We run only linux servers as we know how critical it is for your information and services to maintain extreme uptime averages.

    Heres what you get by setting up on our network.

    • RedHat 7.3
    • Apache 1.3.27-2
    • Sendmail 9.0
    • Bind 9.2.1
    • MySQL 3.23.49-3
    • mod_perl 1.26-5
    • Kernel 2.4.18-24.7.x
    • EXT3 Filesystem
    • PHP 4.1.2-7
    • PERL 5.6.1-34.99.6
    • OpenSSH 3.1p1-6
    • Free 24 hour/7 days a week tech support!
    • 24-hour Network Operations Center monitoring all connections.
    • Uninterrupted backup power.
    • Climate controlled environment (temperature and humidity)
    • Name servers allowed.
    • Free technical support on your system *

      Dedicated servers start @ $149.00! per month! with 200GB monthly transfer allowed! $199.00 Per month for 700GB monthly transfer!
      $599.00 per month for full unlimited un-metered transfer! Discounts for multiple servers. Ensim and Plesk available on all servers!

    Get your dedicated server from Winterfire today!
    Contact ( colocations@winterfire.com ) for more info.
    Or call 727-236-6540

    * Free support consists of 1 hour per month of free system maintenance (Upgrades - reboots - etc) Additional support for $50.00 per hour 1 hour minimum.
    Servers are limited to Celeron and PIII, 1GHZ - 1.3GHZ with 512mb ram, and 40 - 60GB 7200 RPM IDE HDDs. Limited availablity. New servers added weekly.


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