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Welcome Webmasters

offers system level options for the home or business user.
Expand your business, Broaden your exposure to your intended market.
Setup your server on our dedicated high speed internet pipe.
Park your domain name at Winterfire.com,..
Setup your e-commerce shop on our unix servers.
We offer full CGI and PHP compatability.
Virtual Domain hosting, Have your domain name or a virtual name pointed to your home computer or any other computer.
E-mail services, BNC bouncers, Custom Vhosting.
Webhosting made easy.
Affordable T1,T3 or Fractional T3 for your business or corporate LAN.


    Winterfire.com is striving to become one of the leading web services and hosting providers. With a strong background in alternative hosting and web development Winterfire.com can provide leading edge services matched with an affordable price that can not be had anywhere else.

    Need a place to put your website ? Been turned down by other places ? Excessive bandwidth usage ? Look no further. We have your ticket to ride.

    Winterfire.com resides on dedicated multiple OC3 connections to ensure that your bandwidth needs are met with force. Winterfire.com delivers the next generation internet. We offer unsurpassed internet connectivity for the outsourcing of business-critical, bandwidth-intensive applications. Users accessing content of your applications via Winterfire.com regardless of traffic load, will always enjoy an undiminished internet experience.

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